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14 november

Our school in ARTE documentary!
Our school for girls is part of this beautiful documentary made by Dominique Mesmin for ARTE. This is the English version, previously released in German and French.  Enjoy!


28 oktober 2021


Staff room: isn't it beautiful?

The desks and chairs that we collected in 2017 from a Health Centre in the Netherlands have reached their destination today.

The cabinets are from the Koala School in Weert.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. The furniture ended up very well here and can be used for years to come!

Picture: Matthews Hau-Hau

18 oktober 2021


Glasses for Mua Mission Hospital

The glasses that have been donated by Xie Eyewear and several other well-wishers from the Netherlands have been handed over to the director of the hospital!

An ophthalmologist is present now at Mua Mission Hospital on a regular basis. He will use both the frames and the lenses for the patients coming to the hospital with eye problems.

The eye measurement device from a Dutch hospital is functioning excellently.

This can help many people! The hospital administator expresses his gratitude to all who contributed!

17 oktober 2021


This week Thérèse Huijbregts and I selected ALL the preschool and play material that we have received in three shipments. What a beautiful material! And what an amazing amount!

We are going to make the following schools very happy:* our own child center with kindergarden and a toy library * our secondary school for girls and the nursery* THREE different schools for deaf children

In the meantime, we have decided to start classes for illiterate women as well.

We are most grateful to all of you who contributed. Thank you!

We would like to thank in particular Joost van der Stok, Thérèse Huijbregts, Rian Janssen, Gemmie Derksen, Chris Poels, Nikki Peters, Jan Leenders, Jos Leenders, Claudi Renner, #Seacon, Koalaschool Weert

11 oktober 2021


Cadeaus voor onze school

Vandaag een eerste vernieuwde kennismaking gehad met onze docenten. Verschillende geschenken mogen overhandigen: laptops (van o.a. Joke Brands), natuurkunde en chemie materiaal uit Den Hulster via Rian Janssen en een drukker.

Heel veel dank namens onze juffen en meesters en meiden!!!

29 september 2021


I'm going on a trip and take with me...

... glasses that I received today at Xie Eyewear I my hometown Venlo!

These glasses are for the new eye department of Mua Mission Hospital.

I'm leaving on Monday 4 October: back to Malawi!

Thank you Xie Eyewear

15 september 2021

2 september 2021


Next phase....!

Soon, all classrooms of our Tiyende Pamodzi Girls Secondary School will be finished! Time to continue fundraising for:

1.A girls hostel for the students who live too far away for daily travel.

2.Staff houses. Without staff houses the Ministry of Education will not send us any teachers. The small houses/huts in the village won't do.

We have written a new project plan for this purpose.

See a 3D-image of the hostel below.

For the project plan: click here https://www.malawivillage.nl/.../project-secondary-school...

24 augustus 2021


Nursery block!!!

Construction of our Tiyende Pamodzi Girls Secondary School continues!

In the photograph the nursery block. Young mothers who are students at our school will be able to bring their babies and small children with them. So that they can finish their education instead of just staying at home.

Picture: Matthews Hau-Hau