Nursery Schools

At the beginning of 2022, our Foundation started two nursery schools for children from 2 to 6 years old in the village of Mganja. Five women from the village have been trained as Montersori Early Childhood Development teachers. More than 100 children from Mganja are now being prepared exemplarily for primary school. Our Foundation wants to give these children a good start in life, giving them the opportunity to develop themselves further than their parents could and that will ultimately benefit the entire community and future generations. All learning and playing materials are second-hand and come from schools in Limburg, the Netherlands. The teachers are paid partly from the school fees that the children pay (60 euro cents per month) and partly by the Nazareth Foundation Malawi.



In 2022, Diana Roeten from Venlo, the Netherlands, was active as a volunteer at the schools for 3 months. She has improved the quality even further. Together with Cas Hofstee and with advice from the teachers, she has developed material that is now used in the schools. Cas and Diana have also decorated the walls at the school called "Chiyambi" ("the beginning").



A number of villages are too far away for these young children to attend the current schools. We therefore want to build two more schools in the near future. We are currently raising funds for this. Do you want to contribute? See under the button below.