Malawi, a relatively small country in Southeast Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. People often live simply and on their own piece of land. It is certainly not self-evident that children go to school. Girls often have to help with the housework from an early age and boys sometimes tend the goats from an early age. Reason for anthropologist Ineke Hendrickx to regularly live in Malawi for a longer period of time, without compensation, after her studies in 2003. Together with Nikki Peters, she founded the Nazareth Foundation Malawi in 2007 to realize projects around the rural village of Mganja.

Thanks to Ineke's tireless efforts, the foundation has now established two playgroups and a secondary girls' school. The renovation and partial new construction of a primary school is underway. New is the plan for a vocational training course to be realized in the city of Dedza, not far from Mganja. Here, boys and girls, even if they have a disability, will soon be able to learn a trade that actually offers a future. The foundation also supports three schools for deaf children and projects for Mua Mission Hospital. All this is done in close collaboration with the local community.

The Nazareth Foundation Malawi is looking for big and small donors for the above projects and asks also for items such as toys, books and computers from generous donors. All your money and other donations end up exactly where it is needed most.