Would you like to contribute to our work in Malawi?


Transfer a one-off amount or instruct your bank to make a monthly donation. 

Your donation will fully benefit our projects.

Our board and project manager in Malawi do not receive any compensation.

IBAN: NL30INGB0004734050 - Stichting Nazareth Foundation Malawi


Will you help a girl towards a better future?

Many young girls in our village cannot go to secondary school. Instead, they become mothers at a young age. A life of poverty awaits them and their children in subsistence agriculture. We offer them a future at our secondary school for girls. 

Will you help a child on the road to success at school?

The children in our village in Malawi have no books and no toys. As a result, they cannot develop many skills. In our kindergartens, children play and learn under the guidance of qualified kindergarten teachers and are thus prepared for primary school. The play materials were donated by people like you. A donation in the form of Lego or other toys is therefore also very welcome.

Will you help with the construction and renovation of our primary school?

1,100 children go to our primary school. There are not enough classrooms, so children often sit on the floor in a room with 120 to 180 learners. We are going to build additional classrooms and renovate the old classrooms. Your contribution to this is more than welcome!