Mua Mission Hospital

Mua Mission Hospital is the principal referral hospital within a poor and remote rural area in central Malawi. The hospital has a capacity of 140 beds and serves a population of approximately 28,000 people. Eight health centers refer to Mua Mission Hospital for complicated cases of patients or for further diagnosis. This means Mua Mission Hospital covers a catchment area of approximately 1,500 km2 with a population of more than 130,000 people. Recently the hospital has been, and still is, under renovation. Under the administration of Father Isaac Mwazambumba, the hospital is being modernized and made financially healthy.


Support for the hospital

In the last few years Stichting Nazareth Foundation Malawi has been supporting Mua Mission Hospital in close cooperation with the German Marietta & Cecilia Stiftung Hamburg - Malawi. The Spanish organisation Manos Unidas has also assisted a lot. Most of the wards have been renovated, a big solar electricity system has been installed and a solar water system has been added. The women's shelter has been extended and we have renewed hospital equipment, e.g. we have digitalized the X-ray department. We are trying to assist the dental department and have brought in laptops for the patient administration system.

In a country like Malawi a mission hospital does not get enough funding from the government to be able to function as desired.  To be able to keep prices low for the poor population, assistance is needed. We would welcome your financial or personal support!


At present the hospital is in need of:

  • doctors (Doctors in Tropical Medicine from Europe are most welcome)
  • other staff (medicine students from Europe are invited for internships)
  • funds for renovation of the department of mal-nourished children
  • funds for construction of more staff houses
  • an ambulance



Mua Mission Hospital

Father Isaac Mwazambumba

Hospital Administrator

Phone: +265 995 293 233