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Nazareth Foundation Malawi

Mission statement


The foundation aims to raise funds based on respect for people, culture and environment for the following goals:

1: The development of Nazareth, a place for integral human development in Malawi. The aim of Nazareth is to provide a conducive environment where people can develop their personal talents (especially women and orphans) to improve their living standards.



  • (temporary) accommodation at Nazareth (Jemusi village, Mganja, Dedza, Malawi)
  • supporting orphans
  • women's groups
  • participating in counselling sessions
  • (training in) organic farming
  • shop in organic food, seeds and plants
  • sharing cultural values
  • tree nursery, tree planting 


2: Supporting orphans

  • by giving them the opportunity of education (after finishing primary school, which is for free)
  • by helping families who take in orphans in the necessities of life


3: Being self sufficient

Nazareth wants to be financially self supporting by selling home made products, arts, crafts and produce; the accommodation and guidance of guests; and by giving Chichewa language courses to expatriates.




Nazareth is the initiative of Josefa Ng’ona. She spent a large part of her life as a contemplative sister at the congregation of the “Poor Claires”, both in Malawi and Zambia. She was born in Bembeke, Malawi, not far from the place where Nazareth is now situated. Ever since she was a child she had this dream to create a place like this. She has been waiting for years for the right time, the opportunity, the space and support to really start living her dream. The area of about 2 hectares was given to Josefa by Chief James. Preparations were started in 2005 by the “friends of Nazareth”: Josefa Ng’ona, Ineke Hendrickx and Nico Peters. The first house was completed in August 2008. Since then Josefa lives there permanently to expand the project and to develop the land. As soon as more houses are built, more people can come to stay at Nazareth and participate in the project. They will develop a way of village life together, where everybody gets the opportunity to rest, to rediscover oneself, to develop ones talents and to bring them to use in the community for the common good. Everyone contributes to village life and takes part in the communal meetings and gatherings.


This project started in 2005 on a very small scale by supporting some orphaned children in finishing their education. It takes ‘only’ about 30 euro a year to make it possible for an orphan to follow a secondary school education. By paying school fees directly to the school administration a child has the guarantee to be able to go to school for the whole year. Some orphans live on their own, in the house of their late mother, working her fields for food, but without the opportunity to earn money to pay for their education. Other, younger orphans, are taken care of by their extended family relatives. However, often these relatives also lack the money to pay for education. Often they even lack the means to provide for the necessities of life.

To establish which children are qualified for help Nazareth gathers information from the surroundings of the children (school teachers, relatives, the chief of the village) and of course also from the child itself. Supporting an orphan can include school fees, but also providing clothes, books or writing materials. 


State of affairs

The first house has been built and furnished. It has simple provisions. There is a small solar system for illumination and the charging of phones and batteries. Water is pumped from our own borehole to the house by a solar system. There are 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a big dining- cum sitting room, a closed courtyard, shower and toilet, store room and laundry room. An existing building on the grounds of Nazareth has been purchased. After redecorating it will be used as a centre for activities: art, meetings, courses and as a shop to sell the produce of Nazareth. We hope to obtain a second existing, unused building on the grounds shortly. In the future we hope to build more houses. On the land (about 2 hectare) permaculture is applied to cultivate staple foods (maize, cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, soja), vegetables (local and European) and fruits (mango, banana, pawpaw, avocado, lemon and orange). In the middle of the property Josefa cultivates local trees.


See our newsletter for recent developments.

Would you like to visit Nazareth and experience authentic village life in Malawi?

To generate income for the development of Nazareth, paying guests are welcome to stay. This means a unique experience, living village life in an authentic Malawian village. Josefa will accompany you going into the village and will get you acquainted with all the aspects of daily village life. See the page “guesthouse” for further information.


Josefa is a renowned teacher of Chichewa. Many expatriates in Malawi learned the local language from her. Would you also like to learn to speak Chichewa at the beautiful place Nazareth? See the page “language course Chichewa” for further information.


Stichting “Nazareth Foundation Malawi” is registered at

the "Kamer van Koophandel" at Venlo/The Netherlands.

Registernummer: 14106974.

Adress: Schubertstraat 35, 5914 BL Venlo/The Netherlands

Phone: +31-77-3511770

E-mail: nazareth@malawivillage.nl

INGbank:  NL30INGB0004734050