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Language Course Chichewa



Would you like to learn Chichewa on location?

At Nazareth you can learn the local Malawian language, Chichewa, within six weeks. You follow an intensive course, individually or in small groups. Every day you go into the village to practice.



Sr Josefa.


Josefa will be your teacher. She is a native speaker of Chichewa and speaks English fluently. She is a known and practiced teacher of Chichewa to expatriates. 

She taught people from South Korea, Spain, Congo, Nigeria, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Canada, Poland, U.S., Germany, Netherlands and the Philippines how to speak Chichewa.

You will be staying at Nazareth. We will serve you local meals made from home grown food. 

For more possibilities and information about staying at Nazareth:  

https://www.malawivillage.nl/english-1/guesthouses-2                                                   Josefa and Fr. Isaac Mwazambumba, friend and helper


Information about the costs of Chichewa lessons and accommodation 

and reservations through +31 77-3511770 or 0031-6-57328334

Or sent an e-mail to nikkipeters@ziggo.nl