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Would you like to live authentic village life in Malawi?

Anyone who travels through Malawi as a tourist sees real local life only from a distance. At Nazareth you can experience authentic village life in person. You stay at the house at Nazareth and you can explore the surroundings from there. Josefa will accompany you at your travels and will get you acquainted with all the aspects of daily village life. What is the staple food? How is it cultivated and prepared? How do people live in a mud hut? Join in fetching water from the borehole, cooking food on a wood fire, working the fields, playing with the children, dancing with the women…….

The guesthouse 

The house is located on the edge of an authentic Malawian village, in the middle of nature. Josefa will be your host. She speaks English and Chichewa perfectly. She will act as your interpreter, cook and guide. The house has a big dining- /sittingroom, 1 bedroom with a double bed and another bedroom with 2 single beds. Mosquito nets are provided for. There is a kitchen (cooking facilities outside), a bathroom with toilet, and a storeroom for water and laundry. Our own borehole provides reliable drinking water.



On the grounds (about 2 hectare) permaculture is applied to cultivate staple foods (maize, cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, groundnuts), vegetables (local and European) and fruits (mango, banana, papaya, avocado, lemon and orange).

Josefa will use home grown organic foods to cook for you. You can do your shopping in Dedza, about 40 kilometers from Nazareth. You reach Dedza by a beautiful mountain road, with breathtaking views. If you want to buy foods or other stuff at local markets, Josefa can be of your service.


The second house

was finished in 2016. It has a solar shower and a big cosy furnished living room. It has three bedrooms, one with a double bed and two with each two single beds. Meals are served in the big house.

 We started the garden around the house. Trees have been planted and we planned a fence made of chicken wire, overgrown with Golden Shower.




Planting trees in the garden and protecting them from hungry goats.

The guards of the house

What do we expect from you?

The people from our village would like to receive you, so they told us. We ask you to show your respect to the local villagers by wearing proper clothes, greeting everyone kindly, and follow the advice Josefa will give you on this respect.

Picture taken by Matthews Hau Hau when he was paragliding


Inquieries and bookings by phone +31 77-3511770

Or send an e-mail to nazareth@malawivillage.nl


The profits go completely into the project.