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Things to see and to do in the surroundings of Nazareth

Near Nazareth you can find maizemills, schools, hospitals, local markets and beautiful nature to drive through or where to make long walks. You can watch a game of the local football team. And what about a day at the lake, for example near Monkey Bay/Cape Mclear (about 100 km of good road) with restaurants en sandy beaches. Dedza is a town on the mountain. You get there by a good tar road with breathtaking views. In Dedza you can find a bank with cash machine, shops, market, hospital and a supermarket.

Or visit the town of Salima (80 km.) with a bank, shops and several markets. From there you can drive on through beautiful landscape to Senga Bay, where you will find a lot of souvenir stalls, and restaurants at the beach in many prize ranges. Shorter trip? There's a lodge at the beach of Chipoka (55 km). Liwonde National Park is within reach, just as the old university town Zomba with it's famous Zomba Plateau. To visit Mua, 25 km from Nazareth, you need a whole day: www.kungoni.org. Here you will find the famous museum about the culture of the people in Malawi. You can visit the woodcarvers and buy their carvings or have lunch at the lodge or in the village. 

You can also visit Chigodi, a village of female potters (about 5 km) or you can go to the traditional fishing village at Mtakataka, not yet discovered by tourists (about 30 km).

Basketmaker at Mganja

FC Mganja


Dancers of Mganja

Potters at Chigodi

Lake Malawi near Monkey Bay


Limbe tobacco auction

Fishermen on Lake Malawi

Firewood at Likuni


Village below Zomba Plateau



Everyone who comes to Malawi should visit the museum at Mua, Kungoni.
Fr. Claude Boucher, priest, artist and anttropologist, started it in the early nineties. 



Kungoni museum

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