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More about Malawi


Here you find some beautiful videos about Malawi. Exactly the Malawi that we know from our own experiences. Also Nazareth is involved in building these nursery schools to prepare the children for primary school. Still without help from outside, but who knows!

This is the first episode out of eight about nursery schools in Malawi that were built with the support of the Roger Federer Foundation (https://www.rogerfedererfoundation.org/).

Facts and figures

Malawi: between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia        Nazareth is in the Central Region, 40 km. from Dedza





Staying at the lake:

http://www.dedzapottery.com/info.html (You can find the famous Dedza Pottery in Dedza, Nkotakota and Mzuzu. It is also a good place to eat or stay the night)


Until now we had good experiences with Sputnik car hire



Current affairs in Malawi: http://allafrica.com/malawi


There are two exciting websites bout making unbelievable dreams come true: www.theboywhoflies.com and www.theschoolofdreams.org

For inquieries please contact  ben@aboveandbeyonddocumentary.com



Facts and figures Malawi

Area: 118.000 km²
Biggest towns (2005): Lilongwe (647.000), Blantyre (585.000), Mzuzu (128.000), Zomba (81.000), Kasungu (43.000), Mangochi (40.000), Karonga (34.000), Salima (30.000), Nkhotakota (25.000), Liwonde (22.000)
Inhabitants: 11,2 million (2005)
Population density: 94 inwoners per km²
Gross National Product: 1,7 billion dollar (2002)
Income per head of population: 160 dollar (2002)
Economic growth: 1,8% (2002)


Percentage inhabitants below15 years of age: 44,6% (2002)
Life expectancy 1990: 45 years
Life expectancy 2002: 38 years


Life expectancy in Malawi is among the lowest of Africa. Only in Sierra Leone and Zambia is life expectancy even lower: for both countries 37 years
infant mortality 1990: 146 per 1000
infant mortality 2001: 114 per 1000

Literacy rate: 62% (2002)
- males: 76%
- females: 49%
Infections rate HIV/AIDS: 15% (2001)
Urbanisation rate 1980: 9,1%
Urbanisation rate 2002: 15,5%
Urbanisation rate in Malawi is among the lowest of Africa.Only Rwanda (6,4%), Burundi (9,6%) and Uganda (14,9%) have lower urbanisation rates.
Development Aid as a percentage of GNP: 19,8% (2002). Development Aid per head: 35 dollar (2002)